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Introduce Compulsory Scanning for microchips by vets, rescues and authorities.

The new compulsory microchipping regulations don’t go far enough and have only been put into place to save money on the management of stray dogs. Nothing is mentioned about the need to scan microchips and check registration to help find missing and stolen pets.
It’s no good giving all dogs microchips if all vets, agencies and other establishments do not scan for microchips as standard procedure every and any time an animal is dealt with whether dead or alive.

Compulsory microchipping does not work without compulsory scanning and responsible owners are being let down as we have to rely on a ‘Duty of Care’ which doesn’t work now!

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Government responded

On 6 April 2016, it will be a requirement for all dogs to be identified with a microchip.

The Government considers that requiring all dogs to be microchipped will help promote dog welfare and more responsible dog ownership. Microchipped dogs that stray will be more quickly reunited with their owner and spend less time in kennels, which is good for the dog and good for the owner. Microchipping also reduces burdens on local authorities and dog re-homing centres by cutting the amount of time they spend trying to re-unite displaced dogs with their owners.

Local authorities and re-homing centres already scan dogs when they are received into their care. To help with this process, local authorities have been provided with free scanners by The Kennel Club.
We do not expect vets to enforce the microchipping requirements. However, in cases where vets do come across an unmicrochipped dog they can advise the owner about the requirement.
There are organisations and agencies who unfortunately may come across dogs that have been killed on the roads or rail network. The Government have reminded the relevant authorities that as a matter of good practice they should routinely scan such dogs so that owners can be informed.
The Government does not consider it necessary therefore to require everyone who comes into contact with a dog to scan it in order to check compliance with the microchipping requirements or to establish whether the dog is lost or stolen.
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
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21 January 2016

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The whole microchipping  system in place today is a farce and seriously needs over-hauling if not completely updating.

Simple changes like making a microchip proof of ownership, the routine scanning of dogs and details of owners checked by Vets, all Rescues and Councils should scan every dog bought to them as strays the Highway Agencies should be scanning all injured and deceased dogs in road traffic accidents, Data and Time issues need to be sorted out.
Isn’t is sad that we need to point out these changes when basically that is what is already expected.
Caroline Key who has been looking for her microchipped dog Rags for over a year (you can see her story on the missing dogs page, under News) has calculated that once your microchipped dog is missing for more than two weeks, microchipping achieves nothing!  You are looking at probably over 1,500 microchipped dogs a year are not found and reunited!
Did you know

Once a dog has been in the council’s care for more than 7 days they can in effect do what they want, sell or PTS! There is as yet no statutory obligation to scan for microchips – they are dealing with collar & tag codes of practice and would try to contact by phone if a number is available or by putting a card through the address.


Did you know that the Control of Dogs Order (1992) says “every dog” in a public place must wear a collar and identity tag.  The identity tag must show the name and address of the owner.  You can be fined up to £5,000 for this offence.
Your dog must still wear an identity tag even if it is microchipped.
The Control of Dogs Order (1992).