TIA is found via her microchip details but owner can’t be told where she is?

TIA  has been missing since 14th August 2011 from Bowling Green Road, Netherton, West Midlands, DY2 9NA  She is a female Pomeranian,  has visible scars on her front legs from a surgical procedure and is MICROCHIPPED.

You can imagine owner Julie’s surprise to get a call from the microchip databases, to say that the new owner wanted to update the microchip details!  Julie made it quite clear that she wanted Tia back.  The new owner has refused to give Tia back to Julie.  The police have been contacted and they say this is now a ‘Civil Matter’ and the database can not give Julie the new owner’s details because of ‘data protection’!  When Tia went missing Julie did report her disappearance to the police but did not get a Crime Reference Number.   The only other information Julie has is that the new owners have had Tia spayed.

So where does this leave Julie?

Julie will have to get a lawyer, who will be able to get the information from the microchip database to start proceedings with the new owners in the County Court to get Tia back home where she belongs!

Do you recognise TIA?    She could be anywhere.  Do you know anyone who bought or rescued a dog looking like Tia.

Is this what you thought would happen if your microchipped pet was found?

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Tia on K9