The #DoItForDaisy #CheckThatChip campaign started by vet nurse Jody Barry RVN, to help owners of missing and stolen pets. 

 Please share this with your vet. Remember it is a BVA’s ‘Best Practice’ recommendation but each vet practice set their own policies. #vetvoice 
Hi, my friends spaniels and a Terrier were recently stolen after a break in from their kennels. I’m a veterinary nurse and It has made me realise that in most vets although we often check microchips on new clients pets, we never check the database to see if they’re marked lost or stolen. (Unless it’s obviously suspicious) I’m sure they get sold to people in good faith but if we aren’t checking databases how will they ever be found in that situation? To this end I’m starting a little campaign to raise awareness in the veterinary sector and asking all vets to routinely check pets chip details on the national database. Kind regards Jody Barry RVN 
Our thanks go to you Jody 
 BVA Best Practice advice
RCVS Microchip Advice and Flow Chart