Hi everyone, have you heard? SWIZZLE IS HOME!!!At 5:30pm last night (7.1.17) My dad heard a noise outside the front gates. When he opened the front door, there she was, howling bloody murder to be let inside.

She was wearing the same jumper she went missing in, and it’s clean but smells very strongly of cigarette smoke! As we don’t smoke, we can only guess that whoever took her, saw that she was being made too hot to handle, and dropped her off at the top of the lane.

No cars came down, it was just her noises that let us know she was there. I genuinely can’t tell you who cried more, us or her!

Health wise, she seems okay! But a trip to the vets will confirm all of that. Poor baby! Ha. She is skinny, and did nothing but drink when she got in. She was wobbily and her back legs kept giving out, but she was so happy, she started throwing her toys around like a loon! We had to calm her down!!

She’s now had her Medication, she’s fed, watered, and is snoring her head off. Very unladylike 😂😍

Thank you so much, each and every one of you. I know I wouldn’t of got her home without you. Xxxxxxx

ORIGINAL POST:- SWIZZLE #STOLEN #ChineseCrested #needsmedication CRN @MerseyPolice #Knowsley Village #Prescot #Merseyside #ScanMe #CheckThatChip 3rd January 2017