STOLEN dog COCO, taken in burglary, Sambrook, Shropshire on 13th January 2017.

COCO, Female Cocker Spaniel Chocolate (Age: Young Adult)Stolen in a burglary from Sambrook, Shropshire TF10 area, Central area, on 13th January 2017

West Mercia Police

Crime Reference Number:- 620S130117

PLEASE HELP – Our beautiful Cocker Spaniel Coco has been STOLEN from our home in Sambrook today. 

She is the most gorgeous, kind natured dog you could ever hope for. She is loved by us all as a treasured part of our family and we are desperate to get her home. Coco is only 20 months old and we are just devastated that someone could be so cruel to take her from us at our home. You can see from the photos that she has a distinct white chest and then is completely chocolate. She has wild tufts of hair on her head and ears that are a gingery colour. Her body and legs are clipped so she has a smooth coat. She is also chipped. 

Can we please ask for your help in sharing this post far and wide and quickly. 

If you hear anything about Coco or even see her please please please let us know. 

Any of you who have and love a dog will know the pain that we are all feeling. #stolendog #shropshire

CONTACT: 07860 956889 or 07966206884

Or Police on 101

Doglost link for updates:-

#ScanMe & #CheckThatChip