REUNITED after being stolen 9 years ago but what about the family that have looked after him for 8 years.  This is the consequence of not scanning and checking microchip registration!

Update from luckys owner:-  

Update on our missing dog Lucky!!! Just wanted to thank everyone for your shares, support and the lovely messages. We think we have located Lucky, BUT its not the happy ending we were hoping for. 

On friday through the power of social media and you lovely lot, we had a phone call from a lovely lady from the local vets, a guy called Scott had took him there, she had just seen our post that was shared through mutual friends and she was adamant she had just gave our boy Lucky to a family who he was microchipped to. 

Apparently our Lucky was reported stolen 8/9 years ago. This is a great shock to us. We took him in nearly 8 yrs ago with the knowledge that he had been found tied up and left. A couple had rescued him but thier dog never accepted him so a friend of the family who knew the couple asked us if we wanted to adopt him. 

Having 3 small children at the time one being our baby girl we took a big risk in taking him on but we did and we never looked back. We fell in love with our boy Lucky straight away he really is one in a million and everyone who knows him will tell you that. 

He has been to the vets a few times over the 8 years weve had him and a microchip was never detected. 

As close family and friends know Lucky likes to wonder and last year he took hiself to our local shops {matalans to be exact} He was famous for the day after we turnt to social media and he loved all the attention from the matalan staff and customers. They called the the local dog warden and the microchip was still not detected we located him there through facebook and had to prove he was ours by identifying his scar on his belly also ID and photos. He was then booked straight into be microchipped in our details but the morning of his appointment crayford retail centre and vets were flooded as a main water pipe had burst so they cancelled and we just have not got round to it since as we have busy life with 5 children {although we are beating ourselfs up over that} 

But as it stands our Lucky has been wiped out of our lifes and me Dan and our 5 children are devastated. The vets can not give out any info on the family which we understand although he lady from the vets has been so helpful which we truly appriciate. She has however been able to play middle man by contacting the gentleman who collected our Lucky to ask if he could contact us; 1 to clarify hes definately Lucky although we are 95% sure it is and 2 to try and understand how were feeling like they did when Lucky was stolen from them. And maybe to arrange a meet to say goodbye should they not want to give him back to us just for closure as our children dont really understand whats happened. 

We are fair people and we know how wonderful it must be for them to be reunited with thier lost pet but weve had him 8 yrs and these will now be strangers to him….were worried he maybe scared . So we are sitting in limbo at the moment as they have chosen not to contact us so far. We were advisd by the vets to write the people a letter which they will send for us first thing monday morning. 

So apart from updating all that have been asking us for news, we are asking for your support once again to share this as much as you can in hope it may even reach the people who have him. We will never give up hoping he will be back where he belongs with us as we love and miss him so much . We have been advised to contact our solicitor as we do have some rights but its a civil matter and hopefully it wont come to that. We are still waiting for the people to contact us. 
Thank you to everyone whos read this far. 

Love to all from Sarah Danny and our babies. Special thanks to my mum, Aunt Cyndi, Abi, Sarah and chris for all your support. And to the Lady at the vets and the guy Scott who found him and took him to the vets….we really do appriciate your help.

As you can see he is mainly black with a white chest…. and some other white markings… he is around 10 yrs old…. his name is Lucky… he went missing from Butler drive in erith…yesterday!! He has a scar on his belly x

UPDATE:-  Update on Lucky!!! OMG with the power of social media, the help of some wonderful people on our list and beyond, and the lady Louisa from the vets, we are getting our boy home tomorrow morning!!! LUCKY IS COMING HOME!!!! We are in total shock still as we had a phone call from the previous owner of which Lucky was stolen from and what a wonderful gentleman he is. He called to say that although they had missed Lucky who they had named Jack he felt it was only right that our boy comes home to us.. Well as you all can imagine we are totally over the moon, the previous owner has gave us permission to change Luckys microchip into our details so he will officially be ours…We are meeting with the family tomorrow and we are so excited….it has been an emotional roller coaster the last 3 days and we are so grateful and overwhelmed at all the support, messages, calls and kind words…..there are far too many people to thank individually so to everyone we thank you from the bottom of our hearts… once again i’m asking you all to share this post so people all know we have got him coming home…and yes he will have our details in his chip and a collar that he can’t take off with our number on it although we wont be letting him out of our site the little wonderer lol….again a big thank you to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx