Professor John Cooper QC, Born Innocent Patron supports Vets Get Scanning









We can thank John for the Hunting Bill, the move against the Badger Cull with Brian May, the link between cruelty to animals and humans…. and Born Innocent, trying to make ineffective breed specific legislation history.



We at Vets Get Scanning and Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance would like to also thank John for his support in seeking Compulsory Scanning of microchips. He recently gave us this press release for our #DogTheftAwarenessDay:-



“As Patron of Born Innocent, I am part of a team that believes legislation surrounding dogs should benefit and enhance the lives of pets, owners and society as whole.


According to Petlog, there are over 70,000 missing domestic pets in the UK, with just under a quarter being dogs and the remainder cats.
Research from the American Humane Society in the US shows that when pets that are chipped and scanned, over 55% are returned to their owners (with approx. 75% of owners identified) versus 22% that are not microchipped.


This is an increase of over 30%. Hence, the legislation to have pets chipped, which theoretically provides permanent identification of animals, should be a great advantage not only in the area of missing pets, but also for animal welfare.


Alas, at present this is not the case, as although it is a recommendation by various societies such as the BVA, Kennel Club and RSPCA (amongst others) that vets, pounds and rescues should scan incoming pets, scanning is not enforced.


But chipping is not just about missing pets and desperate families trying to find them.


In 2015 over 100,000 stray dogs were handled by local authorities in the UK. According to APGAW, stray dog control costs the government £46million per year and Animal Welfare cases over £52million. However, it is not just the cost, but also the pain suffered by animals and the cost to humans that must be considered.


At Born Innocent we advocate breed neutral canine legislation which is accompanied by improvements that provide more investment in education to ensure better animal husbandry, bite prevention and a focus on better human /canine relations. We support compulsory scanning as part of these law reforms, as we believe if used correctly, it can enhance more responsible ownership and welfare improvements.



Meetings and symposiums such as Dog Theft Awareness day are absolutely vital to bring together people of like mind and vast experience to ensure that the environment for both humans and companion animals alike is both safe and responsibly governed.”


Professor John Cooper, QC.