Loopholes in the microchip system!  Anibase microchip database.  

This is a disturbing story. 2 years ago our lovely 9 year old silver male tabby cat Maximus disappeared from our garden in Bacton Norfolk on 17 September 2014. We immediately reported him missing to everyone we could think of (Vets, microchip company, missing pets websites). We made house to house enquiries and postered far and wide, as well as getting newspaper and magazine publicity. We followed up numerous leads. No sign was ever found of him.
Today we made a routine call to Anibase (the microchip people) and they informed us that WE had reported him FOUND on 23 November 2014 after hours (we certainly had not). From then onwards he was no longer listed as missing. After a long time on the telephone we were able to find out that they do not have much in the way of security – just our name and first line of the address is all they require before altering the records. The sinister thing is that they need the scanner code (or so they claimed) before changing the database which, if correct, suggests either that he was scanned at a vets or with a personal scanner (which costs £30 approx).
They did say that it was impossible that they had made a mistake, and therefore that they MUST have had a call telling them that Maximus had been found. If that is the case then someone has either played a cruel hoax on us – or he has been STOLEN (possibly by a professional thief who has access to a scanner).
This is now very upsetting, because it means that he may be still alive but has been taken by someone else. The trail is now very cold but if anyone has any information or suspicion that someone might have our Maximus could you please message me urgently on Facebook. I have uploaded a picture of him just in case.
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