Interesting story, showing how important it is to scan and check microchips!  Stolen PATCH’s REUNITED story ❤️

Spaniel Aid UK12 October 2016

Are you all sitting comfortably? I have a story to tell you about missing dogs and chips and dog wardens etc. Its not pleasant reading if you are a dog owner. In fact its a bit scary. A few weeks ago a dog was found wandering local to me in Milton Keynes. He was trapped by a vet nurse and taken to the vet she works at for treatment as he was not in a good condition. The dog warden was informed and wanted to take the dog but the vets wanted to keep him to treat him so a 28 day retainer was signed. Now at this point it becomes the responsibility of the retainer to do all they reasonably can to find the dog and the dog warden has no more legal powers over that dog nor any responsibility. The dog was scanned and chipped and Petlog were asked for details. This is where it starts to get a bit confusing . Chip was not registered apparently. A FB campaign was started and this dog was shared like mad everywhere. We offered a rescue space and “Wilf” came into our care. We could not do anything to him whilst the 28 day retainer was in place. That 28 days ran out today so he was booked in for neutering. As with every dog that comes into our care we get them scanned for a chip to ensure it matches our paperwork. The chip matched our paper work. Petlog were asked for any details and this was the automated response
This microchip is held with Petlog. This record has been retained for administrative purposes. Please contact Petlog on 01296 336 579 for more information.
So the lovely and very conscientious vet nurse called petlog and was told it was an Irish chip and gave her the number for the Irish database Animark. So to cut a very long story short. Wilf is actually called Patch, he was born in February this year making him 8 months old and he was stolen from Ireland 12 weeks ago!!!!!!! This took her 10 minutes maximum to find out. There is now a very happy man in Ireland who now knows what has happened to his stolen dog. He has agreed that its better for Wilf /Patch to stay where he is as he knows he is safe and that he will get a good home. Another issue is that another dog was found with Wilf, Dash, who is not chipped so we will now do all we can to see if this boy was also stolen and brought over here at the same time.
So if you think that having your dog chipped, and flagging his chip as stolen or missing is a guarantee that you will have him returned to you via the system that is supposed to be in place to do just that then I hate to tell you that its a lottery to be honest .
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