ICENI stolen Septeber 2008 reunited 3rd June 2016

How many times can one dog be let down by a microchip system that shows itself as NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE ?


01.11.07 – Iceni was Born
I was given Iceni as a present for my 21st Birthday, she was named Iceni as our dogs were named after Tribes, and The Iceni were a Brittonic Tribe, Boadicea was their leader.
Iceni was playing in the garden with my sister and our other dog. At around 6pm my sister was cleaning her car behind the house, she then went to take the rubbish to the dustbin, Iceni went with her, when she got back to her car she called Iceni but she had vanished. I was away at work, whilst on the way home I received a phone call saying that she was missing, my parents were also out, we all got back around the same time and started searching with alot of help from our wonderful friends and neighbours. We then reported her as Missing.
On checking the CCTV around the house we saw a white van parked on the road at the time she went missing, unfortunately we could not see clearly enough to identify it or actually see the person take her.
We reported Iceni as stolen to the police and to Petlog.
Iceni was taken to the PDSA by the person that said they had found her, they scanned her and rang Petlog who informed them that she was stolen.
PDSA requested Petlog to notify me that she had been found (which Petlog say is not normal protocol) Petlog requested that the PDSA forward the information of the current keeper to them so that I could be notified where she was.
* here is my first question, why did the PDSA no immediately take her or if they didn’t have the authority, contact the RSPCA or Police to seize her?*
The PDSA failed to forward the information of her whereabouts and therefore Petlog failed to contact me.
*to this I responded that maybe I was also responsible for not having checked with the Microchip company, to which the PDSA area manager said that five years ago his cat went missing and apart from informing the microchip company she was missing, he has never rung to enquire if they have any information and wouldn’t ever expect to have to*
MARCH 2015
The PDSA scanned her again and checked her records on the Petlog website and found that she was still down under my name but as she had been declared found in 2009 the stolen tag had been removed.
*again this is where I should have contacted Petlog periodically to check her records but as far as I was concerned she had been stolen, they had been notified and she had not been returned to us so there was no way the information on her account could have changed, obviously if I had my time back or could advise anyone else in my situation I would urge them to ring the microchip company regularly and check the animal is still recorded as stolen*
Iceni was taken into the PDSA they scanned her again and rang and checked who she was registered to, finding my details.
Two hours later the person keeping her contacted Petlog and attempted to change her details into their name, Petlog refused as they did not have my permission but for some reasons it didn’t ring any alarm bells.
Iceni was found tied outside Birmingham police station by a very kind Police lady who immediately saw she was in distress and very unwell, she seized her and immediately took her to a vets where she was put into the care of the RSPCA who then rang Petlog and found she was mine. RSPCA then rang me and told me they had her but she was very ill and that there was a dispute over her ownership
*this has now become questionable as I subsequently found out the person that had tied her outside the police station was not the person claiming ownership as he then reported her missing!*
*I was then kept in the dark, Bank Holidays etc being part of the reason (Police lady was still working very hard to sort things out, was very kind and helpful at all times, with Iceni’s interest paramount, RSPCA not quite so helpful…*
After alot of begging and phone calls and a bit of detective work to try and actually locate her, (which when I did locate her, it was confimed she was in the hospital but that was still all they would tell me, even thought she is my dog) I was allowed to see Iceni at the RSPCA veterinary hospital. She she obviously had health issues but was bright and playful.
I received a telephone call from the RSPCA inspector telling me that Iceni was very unwell and would I give permission to euthanase her to which I responded that I did not giver permission and the only person that would be allowed to make that decision was Mike Martin the cardiology Specialist at The Willows Referral Centre and they needed to let me take her there.
The police lady then rang me and I had the same conversation with her and again asked her to try and help me get her referred.
I was also informed I was unlikely to get her back due to her aggression towards other dogs and because we have the three other dogs but I didn’t let this faze me, I saw it as the cheap dig it was because I had threatened involving my solicitor. There were also other comments to try and put me off wanting her back , including how much care and attention she would require and what hard work it was going to be.
After many telephone calls backwards and forwards to the RSPCA, Police, the Referral Centre, our Vets and finally but probably most importantly our solicitors, having already been told that the RSPCA had the power to put her to sleep if they deemed necessary, I finally got the go ahead to take her to the Referral centre, but only if I first went to the Police station and signed a special release form (S66) before then driving to the RSPCA centre, picking her up and taking her directly to The Willows.
Whilst at the Willows I found out that her aggression towards other dogs was extremely fierce and was rather embarrassed by her behaviour as the other patients there were obviously also very unwell and her behaviour was not helping them. The Willows were extremely understanding. They asked for her previous veterinary records but could not get hold of them, the RSPCA sent their information from the few days they had had her but did not sent the PDSA notes which I was aware they had.
Iceni saw Mike Martin the Cardio specialist and under went a scan (which unfortunately was the most i could afford) they wished to do Xrays and an ECG but we had to make do with a scan which was very informative in itself. It showed that her Mitral valve and the Left Ventrical were both failing. He prescribed some further medication and told me she was in a serious state but understandably didn’t want to give me a time scale, but she was certainly fit enough to go home, he did say that it would be unsuitable for her to return to the RSPCA as she was going to need very careful attention.
After her specialist appointment I didn’t know what I was actually meant to do with her so I bought her home. She has been home ever since and will never leave me whilst their is breath in her body.
Due to data protection the PDSA who were treating Iceni before will not release her notes to the current vets. I find this preposterous and ridiculous. They can’t even send it with the other persons details removed even though he had her illegally. Surely the dogs welfare should be paramount. How can receive the best possible care if they don’t have her veterinary history???
I’ve still got a fair bit of fighting to do, her veterinary records being one thing but her microchip being another. I still haven’t rang Petlog to hear their explanation but don’t have the energy to have that conversation just at the moment. Sooner I do it the better I know but can’t cope with any more confrontation at the moment!
Her mitral valve is not working well at all and is allowing blood which should be being pushed out of the aorta to be pushed back into the left atrium which can’t take it on top of the blood which is already coming in so it’s causing it all to expand. She is in late stages of heart failure but could have a good few months left so hopefully we’ll have some time with her.
Update:- She has now been home 9 weeks. At the moment she is surprising everybody. She was very up and down to start with, she had to have her abdomen drained as the pressure of the fluid was too high and we thought we were going to lose her then but she astounded everybody and is currently doing very very well. The tablets which she is on are keeping things under control at the moment so we we will hopefully have her a while longer!