Marnie stolen in June 2011! Good Samaritan donates a Halo Microchip Scanner to Lord Whisky Sanctuary in hopes to raise awareness.

Good Samaritan and DogLost helper Sharon Dodd decided after liaising with Sir Bruce Forsyth’s Vets Get Scanning to donate a Halo Microchip Scanner to local sanctuary, Lord Whisky, when she heard they couldn’t scan all of the dogs that came to them.

Sharon’s main motivation came from her work trying to find local dog Marnie who was stolen in a violent attack on her owners back in June 2011. Marnie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier was stolen when three men tried to steal a Lurcher from the Price family in a violent attack that was witnessed by their six year-old daughter in their Canterbury home.

Former PA, Sharon, came across the family’s plight through DogLost, the nationwide organisation which helps owners get reunited with their missing dogs. Sharon, who lives hundreds of miles away in Newcastle, has never met the owners but said, “I felt so moved by their plight that I just had to help.”

Sharon co-ordinates the campaign to find Marnie through DogLost and has also set up a Facebook page called Help find Marnie. She organises other DogLost helpers to check Yorkies that are found around the country and makes sure that people are on the look out for the tiny dog.
Sharon chose the Halo scanner because it uses the latest technology and is linked to Petlog and the DogLost database and any dog registered will automatically trigger an alert on the scanner when it is scanned.  Lord Whisky are delighted with the donation, and founder Margaret Todd said “The Halo will be very useful indeed as it reads all chips and its technology will lead to more dogs being reunited with their owners. I would like to thank Sharon Dodd for her generosity in giving us the scanner and for all the good work DogLost does.”
If you have bought a small female Yorkshire Terrier after 7th June 2011, please get her scanned.  This may be Marnie.
If you find and keep a dog without reporting it to the Dog Warden, you are breaking the law and this is theft.
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Please ask your vet to help  to get all pets routinely scanned for a microchip at registration.
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