FIFI reunited after a year and a half but no mention about her microchip.


On 22/1/17 last year a sweet little dog called FIFI (4 1/2 year old golden cocker spaniel bitch) was stolen from Yalding in Kent. The owners put posters up, made posts all over social media & it was even featured on GMTV.

On Saturday the dog warden picked up a very scared golden cocker running free on the A30 near Chard in Somerset about 4kgs under weight with gingivitis and bad teeth. The dog was brought to us at St Giles.

The lovely lady Kelly who found this dog initially, has tried to find the owner locally, but nobody has come forward.

We think this could be FIFI and the owner is on their way from London now to hopefully be reunited with their dog after 18 months.

Fingers (and paws) crossed this is FIFI and she is about to go home x

Original post:- ‪Wonderful news FIFI who was stolen in January 2017 from Kent has been found in Somerset and reunited with her family 17th July 2018. Stay safe Fifi 🐾❤️🐾. #PetTheftReform

Family devastated after pet dog is stolen.

Dog stolen: Fifi the golden cocker spaniel was taken from Collier Street, Kent.

A much loved family dog stolen from an oasthouse garden in Collier Street won’t be of any use to breeders because she’s infertile.

Five-year-old female golden cocker spaniel Fifi was taken from Haviker Street at about 1.25pm on Sunday.

Devastated owner Kate Kershaw-Smith fears the copper coloured pet may have been taken to breed from but says if that’s the case the thieves are out of luck.

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25 January 2017by Suz Elvey

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