Dogwatch Alert. Jack Russell stolen

Stolen Jack Russell?

A Jack Russell puppy named Evie went missing, believed stolen, from a house in Medstead near Alton at 5.30 p.m. on 2 May. She was outside with another dog when the owner heard them barking. She looked out of the window and saw a white van drive past. When she went out to get the dogs, Evie was missing. A neighbour also saw the vehicle and is confident that it was an old Vauxhall Astra van. Evie is all white with a long wiry coat, tan on her ears and face and a lopsided left ear. Any information to: 07870 227161. Hampshire police were informed, incident number: 44120170156.


When reporting a dog related crime on 999 or 101, the message will automatically be relayed to headquarters at Kidlington and a relevant communication will be “cascaded” to all interested parties including: Police Area Beat Officers; Dog Wardens; Re-homing Centres etc, as well as our own members.