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Do you know which database your pet is registered too?  Do you know which microchip your pet has?

  • Not all Vets scan for microchips when registering a new pet.
  • Not all rescues scan for microchips before re homing.
  • Council Pounds do not all scan for microchips before putting stray pets ‘to sleep’, after the seven day deadline!
  • Highway Agencies that collect deceased dogs do not always scan. See Jester’s Law at:
  • A microchip is not proof of ownership.

We have found out that Microchipping/Scanning is totally unregulated as an industry, other than the process for issuing microchip numbers which is controlled by ISO. The Government only has legislation in regards to the Pet Travel Scheme and the Dangerous Dogs Act.

That explains why the scanning issues remain unresolved. We would like to see this changed, so that everyone who comes into contact with a dog knows what they should do, we believe vets, dog wardens, police, rescue centres and local authorities all need clear guidelines to follow. Microchipping could be the answer to so many dog related problems, from lost and stolen dogs to dangerous dogs, dog dumping and even puppy farming. Microchipping only works when Scanning in performed.

MAG (Microchipping Advice Group) control the code of practice and oversee the microchip industry as a whole.

There are four databases, Petlog, Anibase, Pettrac and Petprotect. Only Petlog and Anibase are members of the code of practice as are their supporting microchip manufacturers. This has caused great conflict within the microchipping industry. Why are Pettrac and Petprotect not members of the code but are still allowed to operate?

All of the databases offer different services. You need to check which microchip you have to find out which database you are on.  Your vet will know which chip you have.  Check how long you are covered for, the last time we checked with Anibase you had to renew your chip info after 8 years and then pay again.   Also check when you can call in to register your dog lost or stolen.  You will find you can call in a found dog 24/7 but lost and stolen dogs can only be registered 9-5 Monday – Friday.  This is no good if your dog goes missing on a bank holiday weekend and you only have, by law, 7 days to find your dog before the Dog Pound will put a dog to sleep and chances are they will not have scanned for a microchip.     Petlog are the only independent database.  This means they do not manufacture their own microchip.

We have found out through our Vets Questionairre that even the vets didn’t know about MAG, the code of practice or the different services when deciding which Microchips to stock in their practices and sell on to you.

The vet’s questionnaire survey can be viewed on our Vets page. Find out how much your vet knows about microchips!

We will not give up in getting this sorted – but we need your help!

Please sign our petition and help spread the word also write to your MP. Thank you



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