REUNITED ❤️ URGENT UPDATE!  Chihuahua Tobias stolen from secure garden, Chichester, 6th August’16

TOBIAS UPDATE:-  31st December 2016

Tobias ~ Reunited 31/12/2016

I never heard again from the lady who called me to say she had Tobias, obviously I updated the police every step of the way, On Friday 23rd I received a message to say that he had been seen in a place quite near to where he was scanned, again I updated the police, I felt positive, I didn’t hear from anyone for a while and I was feeling anxious, then on the evening of December 30th I had the news that a property was going to be visited however on Saturday morning I heard that Tobias wasn’t there. The person they interviewed didn’t want to disclose where he was. I felt angry and upset, after all she was aware by now that Tobias had been stolen and sold on, I believe in the good in people and hoped she would do the right thing, however hard that was. It was Saturday afternoon and I had just sorted out the statement for the police and gave the family their dinner, I wasn’t hungry, i was just so sad. As I sat seeing what was on the t.v and thinking I hope the soaps don’t disappoint this evening when my phone rang. My heart didn’t jump this time, I think I grew hard to the disappointment, it was Herts police to say they had good news and they have him in their custody. I said I would leave immediately. It took around 2 hours to get there. When we arrived we sat in the reception for only a few minutes before the doors opened and our beautiful boy came running over dragging the policeman behind, he knew us immediately and seemed rather chuffed to see us, lots of kisses. In the end, the lady did the right thing, we got the result we wanted. Tobias is back with his humans X.   

I HAVE NEWS! 18th December 2016.

I have had a call from a lady in Hartfordshire claiming to have taken her dog to the vet to get him chipped, his chip showed that he was Missing, that he was TOBIAS she also said that her daughter paid £700 for him, she didn’t give me details of who she is or where she lives, she’s been calling him Billy. I said we must have him back, she doesn’t want to part with him.

I feel we have come too far to not have him back now, we have been in utter termoil since August.

I can not describe my reaction but I felt unable to breath and shaking and I fell to my knees in tears. He is our boy. Ours.

I don’t know what to do now as we need to wait for her to get back to me.

What do I do? Can i get him back?


We have adviced contacting Trevor Cooper at Doglaw and the Doglost Police Coordinator 

Tobias’ chip was scanned at Walton Lodge Vet Group on Friday 16th December. 9, The Green, Hertfordshire, SG12 0QW Seems the lady who called me has him, however the vets went against data protection and gave my details.

Original post:- 

TOBIAS. Male Chihuahua Tri-coloured (Age: Young Adult)
Missing from secure back garden Adelaide road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 area, South East on Saturday, 6th August 2016
“I feel so sick and scared for my little boy. We have shared where we can, enquired where we can, looked where we can, postered, leaflet dropped, stopped to ask people in the street, door knocked. looked in bushes, on roundabouts, in bins, we are doing all we can yet feels like it isn’t enough!, I don’t understand how, if he is being kept by someone that no one knows, someone does know and I feel incredibly incredibly sad, I don’t know how we will get over this if he doesn’t come home”
CONTACT: 07584928062 or 01243945390
Doglost link:-.
Microchipped #ScanMe

Best picture in the world….Tobias in Kelly’s arms ❤️