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Stolen SNUGGLES back home after vets checks microchip registration on first appointment ❤️ #PetTheftReform

Stolen SNUGGLES reunited after vet scans and checked microchip registration on her first appointment ❤️ This is something that should be made mandatory as vets continue to set their own practice policies and pet families and MPs assume this is happening #PetTheftReform #ScanMe #CheckThatChip Watch the YouTube video below. In the recent Pet Theft Debate,… Read More

Are your pet’s microchip details up to date? Poster for your Vet.

Are your pet’s microchip details up to date? If your dog or cat’s microchip registration is not holding your correct contact information they maybe rehomed or put to sleep! Over 40% of vets couldn’t reunite stray pets with their owners due to incorrect contact details on the microchip database. Ask your Vet to download and… Read More

Landmark case sees Kettering man prosecuted over dog microchipping but we can’t prosecute vets for not checking microchip registration! #ScanMe

A Kettering man has been given a criminal behaviour order for not microchipping his dogs in a landmark case.Matthew Fletcher, of Edinburgh Road, pleaded guilty to failing to microchip his dogs at Northampton Magistrates’ Court – the first prosecution of its kind in the town.In October 2017, Kettering Council’s wardens team was informed of a… Read More

Please sign and support the #PetTheftPetition.

    Click this link to sign:- Dogs, cats, horses or any other pet are not property – they are family! Share if you agree, and please sign our #PetTheft petition to ‘Reclassify the theft of a pet to a specific crime in its own right’ and asking for tougher sentencing to act as… Read More

Dog Theft feature on Victoria Derbyshire BBC program 12th February 2018

Stolen Scooby is being featured today on BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme along with Debbie Matthews from Vets Get Scanning and a Member of SAMPA The Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance Watch now… Sign the petition here…Together we can make a difference! Read more here. Follow Scooby’s timeline here… Read More