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Write or email your MP:- #TuksLaw

With the help of Debbie Matthews Founder of, we have drafted a template letter which we would ask you to please copy and paste and send to your local MP asking for their support now and in the future for a change in the microchipping laws in the U.K. The impact of multiple emails… Read More

Microchipping ‘The Next Steps’ #ScanMe #CheckThatChip

Trevor Cooper chair of the Microchip Trade Association (MTA) and DogLaw expert, organised the meeting: MICROCHIPPING ‘The Next Steps’ It was a good afternoon with interesting presentations. 1pm Opening address by Trevor Cooper on behalf of the MTA Brief introductions to each of the speakers will be provided by Clarissa Baldwin former CEO Dogs Trust… Read More

A rescue has rehomed my dog!

Hi everyone I have posted on here over the years looking for my dog Lucy. She has been missing for over 4 years. We had many leads and today I have found out she has been found. I am looking for some advice as the microchip company have myself and someone else on file now… Read More


Working together for our pets 🐾❤️🐾 Meeting on Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, with British Veterinary Association – BVA, Marc the Vet , Debbie Matthews, Bruce Forsyth’s Vets Get Scanning Petition to talk about ‘scanning and checking microchip registration on pets first appointment.’ Update: After campaigning for almost 13 years, today is the first day I… Read More

How many microchip scanning petitions are needed before pet owners are heard? #ScanMe #CheckThatChip

MICROCHIPPING OUR PETS IS NOT HELPING TO REUNITE THEM 💔 The public have been led to believe that if we microchip our pets it’s our best chance of being reunited with them. Sadly as you can see from the following three open petitions that scanning microchips as mandatory is non existent and the loopholes continues… Read More

Does anyone know where microchipped Snowy is? Missing from Shrewsbury May’18, finder will not return him! #ScanMe #CheckThatChip #TheftByFinding

Microchips letting families down! Data protection works against families of missing pets and favours the finders! A microchip is not proof of ownership, we are not owners we are ‘keepers’ – which only covers where the pet resides. Other information you will need in a civil court action to get your pet home: Police Crime… Read More

Stolen dog reunited with owner thanks to Battersea’s Lost Dogs & Cats Line – Companion Life

Nine-month old Sheba was taken into Battersea after her owners could no longer look after her and the animal rescue charity checks all animals for a microchip and discovered that Sheba had been reported as stole and missing since June 2018. — Read on Read More