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Wheldon Law: We represent dog owners at courts all over England and Wales.

This legal firm specialises in defending dogs that are unfairly labeled dangerous to external circumstances. Once the police say your dog is a prohibited type the burden of proof is on you to prove that he is not and to do this requires expert evidence. We have access to the very best breed identification experts… Read More

Microchip does not match the registration on the database!

Thought this might be of interest, this dog was missing and has now been reunited but very worrying comment by the owner re microchip.  Thank you very much to the person that found her. A word of warning, her Micro chip which had been professionally inserted by a vet practice did not correspond to… Read More

GUNDOG THEFT AWARENESS WEEK      31st October – 7th November 2016.

This week highlights the plight of gundogs who are increasingly being stolen for breeding or the black market. Gundog Theft Awareness week seeks to raise awareness of the number of gun dogs stolen every year. The breeds most commonly stolen are Labradors, Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels and DogLost statistics reveal that in 2015, 356… Read More

‘Keep Safe’ FIREWORK season is starting!

Remember, remember the 5th of November and keep your pets safe!   It’s the busiest time of year, for dogs running off so be prepared.   Fireworks: It’s the Guy Fawkes and Diwali season, so keep your dogs safe from bangs and flashes by not walking them at night and keeping them on a lead… Read More

Please don’t use Chinese Lanterns, they are a danger to animals, wildlife and our countryside.

Chinese Lanterns risk killing animals and starting fires.  Chinese (or ‘Sky’) lanterns consist of a paper-covered wire or bamboo frame and an open flame heat source, which lifts the lantern into the air where it can float for miles from the point of release. Once extinguished the lantern falls back to earth. Lanterns pose a… Read More

Still missing, Hollie was stolen in 2012 from Derbyshire with another dog Henry who has just been found in Wiltshire 16th September 2016

In the early hours of Friday 16th September in Downton a little voice was heard, a lone dogs bark pierced the darkness of the pre-dawn disturbing a local resident. Thinking it was a neighbourhood dog she tried to ignore the crying outside her garden, but the clever little dog got through the gate and stood… Read More

Three Yorkshire Terrier’s missing from St Ann’s, Nottingham since 4th August’16

This is an urgent appeal to all dog lovers. Six weeks ago, my girlfriend’s three Yorkshire Terriers went missing in the St Ann’s area of Nottingham, and although we believe that they could be in the Attenborough area of Nottingham, they could be else where. Since going missing, it’s made her ill and she’s been… Read More