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Anyone recognise this girl? Found in Cranham, Essex.

Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary 28 June Winnie the Poodle – Stray arrived 26.6.14 (49 photos) Winnie was found wandering on the A127 between cranham and the M25. In a state, very thin (pictures don’t show how thin), matted, smelling of poo, flea and tick ridden. The white specks on her ears are ticks. Her neck and… Read More

Dog Law and Stray Dogs:-

Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005-Section 68: From April 2008 Stray Dogs are no longer the responsibility of the Police – Commencement of Section 68 of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 amended section 150 of the EPA 1990 and repealed section 3 of the Dogs Act 1906 (c.32) (seizure of stray dogs by… Read More

Missing microchipped Sophie rehomed by Dogs Trust without checking owners details 6 years ago!

  Eileen Jones with a pencil drawing of Sophie A dog lover whose missing pooch was re-homed with another family has made an emotional plea to the terrier’s new owners to let her see her again. Eileen Jones has not seen Yorkshire Terrier Sophie since she escaped from her garden in the South Wales Valleys… Read More