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Finder and stray cat sent away by vets?

Recently my young microchipped cat went missing for 6 weeks, was found 2 miles away, taken to a branch of our own vets practice (who had added her to their missing list). Finder and cat were just turned away and told to go to the RSPCA. The finder contacted Cats Protection and was advised to… Read More

British Veterinary Association:- ‘We don’t support compulsory scanning’

Sadly BVA, RCVS, BSAVA and the mainline animal welfare charities are working together and do not support compulsory microchip scanning. Compulsory microchipping was only introduced to save money on stray dogs and the above guided Defra in this direction to protect themselves. This means that vets do not have to scan and check microchip registration… Read More


LET’S GET ‘BEST PRACTICE’ FOR VETS WORKING FOR MISSING PETS! We microchip our pets in case they are lost or, even worse, stolen. Did you know that Veterinary surgeons are not obliged to scan a dog or cat for a microchip except before a rabies vaccination, the issue of a Pet Passport or for completing… Read More

REUNITED after being stolen 9 years ago but what about the family that have looked after him for 8 years.  This is the consequence of not scanning and checking microchip registration!

Update from luckys owner:-   Update on our missing dog Lucky!!! Just wanted to thank everyone for your shares, support and the lovely messages. We think we have located Lucky, BUT its not the happy ending we were hoping for.  On friday through the power of social media and you lovely lot, we had a… Read More

A mum has spoken of her horror at discovering that a pet microchipping database had allowed a new owner to register her missing pedigree dog.

Tracy Dobbs’ beloved miniature schnauzer Mitzy went missing five years ago, and she reported this to the Petlog database, which is used by millions of pet owners as a way to keep their animals safe. Mitzy still didn’t return and Tracy turned to Petlog again seven months later. At this time Tracy, who lives in… Read More