BRUCE REUNITED ❤️. He had been dyed or painted to disguise his markings!

So I have Bruce’s back, he’s been dyed or painted to cover up his unique patches he has!! I’m disgusted that he’s been gone for so long and someone has had him!! Bruce is home thank you to the warden that picked him up in little lever last night luckily he’s chipped so he’s been re united by the chip!! 🙈 I can’t believe my big boys home ❤❤❤❤

Bruce as always been a very small dog and he’s come back massive me personally think he’s been used to attack dogs or battered of who ever has had him because James went near him and he growled but he will only lie down with me so I’m a boy scared because I have 7 month old at home with me :( I hope he calms down soon xxx

Tilly is still missing, I’m sure we will find her hopefully well also, he won’t stop following me bless him his paws are so sore they’ve slit open so he’s struggling to walk he’s limping at the minute xxxx

Bruce has gone missing from Spa Road in Bolton – He is a staffordshire bull terrier. On his left ear he has a small patch of brown/ginger on his right ear it is completely brown/ginger. He has a little black spot above his nose. Please contact admin or the owner on 07921 450342 in you have any information.