British Veterinary Association:- ‘We don’t support compulsory scanning’

Sadly BVA, RCVS, BSAVA and the mainline animal welfare charities are working together and do not support compulsory microchip scanning. Compulsory microchipping was only introduced to save money on stray dogs and the above guided Defra in this direction to protect themselves.

This means that vets do not have to scan and check microchip registration on pets at first presentation, so missing pets will not be detected and will not be reunited.

The only hope many pet owners have of being reunited with their missing pets is their microchip, hoping their cherished pet is taken to a vets with a new owner but here lies the biggest betrayal in the microchip system as vets do not have to check pet and owner match. This huge loophole has been allowed to continue for missing pets to fall through and disappear forever.

BVA's mixed message is meant to cause confusion for pet owners but a clear message to vets! 'Best Practice' is only a recommendation and means 'vets are left to develop their own policies on scanning microchips in practice’.

BVA tweeted:- 'BVA worked to bring in microchipping law & vets work hard to reunite dogs with owners but not appropriate to be ‘police’ for the regulation'

Vets can make up their own rules | We need to find a way to make them see their is a fairness issue here and that pet owners are being let down.

17th July 2017